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Why do people gossip

Gossiping is probably the most frequent activity that we indulge in our daily lives. Be it workplace gossip or gossiping in between our busy schedule, whether housewives or business tycoons– all of us are equally guilty of gossiping at some point of our lives. It has become a standard currency for human interaction. The range of topics that gossiping covers could be as wide as world politics or health and hygiene, lifestyle– whatever and whenever.

Women especially are known to be the active sources and the most vulnerable targets of gossiping. However, men as well participate in gossips whenever the time is favourable– that is, they have nothing better to do. Even if people have important work in their hands, work that needs utmost attention: they do find time for gossiping.

Gossiping is a natural tendency

We have a natural tendency to deny our habits of gossiping whenever and wherever, but then we have five minutes of break and we are at it with our best. We all know and understand the demerits of gossiping and the trouble that this habit can get us into. However, the temptation is hard to resist. It is a vicious loop that we step in once and remain trapped forever.

Gossip often keeps the conversation flowing

For ages, gossiping has been the one and only adhesive that binds people together. Whether it is a social event or people becoming friends over a common dislike for another person– we have all been there. There is barely anybody who can have a clean slip from this filthy habit of gossiping.

Now, the important question is–why do people gossip? Despite all its disadvantages, we still love gossiping. Here’s why.

The crave for knowing the whereabouts of others’ lives

Man is a social animal and is of a very competitive kind. However, this competition more often than not comes out as jealousy or even rivalry in fields of work or other things. Human beings are always curious about how the other person is doing in his or her life. This can be a genuine concern for the person. However, the negative feelings are stronger in most of the cases.

We have all known some neighbourhood aunty who has great interests in how we do, what we do. This habit can be very toxic to both sides and can play a major role in spoiling relationships single-handedly at times.

The common forms of gossiping that we indulge in

Studies show that gossip at a limited level can be helpful in releasing stress and anxiety. It can actually help a person to relax. Workplace gossip can improve one’s emotional health, state a lot of psychological studies across the world.

A lot of friendships are bonded over the common likes and dislikes for a certain something or someone. These certain things take the form of gossip with every passing day as the people start talking about it more and more. Gossiping let’s one relate to a person on particular grounds. For example, if a group of people have common hatred towards their very loud boss, these people tend to gossip about him. Everything the boss does or says becomes a hot topic of discussion, no matter how measly the matter is.

The dressing style, the way he parts his hair, many cups of coffee he has in a day– gossips have it all covered. Not just this, sometimes a lot of rumours are aired by gossips. These rumours might, in turn, affect the reputation of the person who is being gossiped about, in a negative way. This gives rise to unnecessary tension, chaos and disturbing the mental health of everyone involved.

Gossiping, on one hand, brings people together towards or against the same cause, while on the other hand excluding other people. You know who to gossip with and who not. That way, you can choose your circle.

Do women gossip more than men?

It is a general notion that women gossip more than men and are more affected by the consequences of it. However, it would be wrong to state such a thing. The type of conversation that men and women indulge in might be very different. While one gender might love to discuss the personal life of themselves or a third person in hushed tones; the other gender might be more interested in how much this third person is earning. However, both these conversations fall under the category of gossiping and could be as toxic as the other.

A little bit of light mood gossiping, much like healthy flirting could be fine in the case. That is more like a casual conversation in a group and is harmless. However, in the long run, we do not quite understand where to draw the line. That’s where things go bad. The actual want to know about others’ lives is also nothing bad, but we should also know our limits and understand where exactly to stop.

Why should we stop?

We need to understand that this habit of ours does us or others no good and thus, is a mere waste of time and energy. It is not left to be said that gossips can turn good relationships sour in a matter of minutes and that is something that we would not want to be done to us. We must also remember the famous saying of, “what goes around, comes around”, before we start gossiping.

Before we change somebody else’s mindset on this matter, we need to evolve ourselves and grow out of this cocoon. No matter how luring it might seem to talk about people behind their backs, no matter how much you dislike this person– it is your basic human trait to not harm the person physically or mentally.

Moreover, even if this person that you’re gossiping about is worthy of all the filth: why’d you want to get yourself dirty as well? So, before it is too late– understand and step out of the trap.