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Whiny Actor Calls Trump “Racist,” Suddenly Learns His Celebrity Won’t Save Him

Actor Ron Perlman tried to be clever via Twitter on Tuesday, but it didn’t take long for President Donald Trump supporters to shut him down.

Perlman posted a link to a video of Trump in 1993 voicing his concerns about the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Attempting to make some kind of point, Perlman asked, “What’s a 10-letter phrase for racist c**t!”


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We’re only guessing, but it seems this post did not go in the direction Perlman intended.

Twitter user Christina O’Connor came back with the perfect response to Perlman’s question: “RonPerlman- 10 letters. There ya go!”

It doesn’t get more awesome than that.

RonPerlman- 10 letters
There ya go!

— Christina O’Connor🌺 (@girls1rule) November 28, 2017

Perlman didn’t respond to O’Connor’s tweet, nor did he offer an answer to his thought-provoking question.

Until Perlman does address the matter, we can only assume that intended for the answer to his question to be “Donald Trump” because he linked to a decades-old video of the president.

We can also assume that the actor doesn’t know how to count. “Donald Trump” is comprised of 11 letters and “The Donald” has 9 letters.

All Perlman managed to do was reinforce the notion that liberals are not too bright.

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The hits kept coming:

Hollywood Democrats. pic.twitter.com/24nCTLf55a

— Blackish JimmyKimmel (@StrokerAce90) November 29, 2017

Ron Perlman. Stick to reading lines, instead of showing off your ignorance.

— TJH (@OhHenryJr) November 28, 2017

Others called out the actor for his lack of originality:

Ron, Ron — please try to find other epithets instead of denigrating men by describing them as women’s body parts. English is a flexible language, you can come up with something better.

— Laura Reiner (@laurareiner) November 28, 2017

A fair share of leftists posted to Perlman’s thread, offering their approval of the actor’s question, demonstrating just how low Democrats will go when it comes to attacking the president. Which apparently is pretty low.

If this is the best the Democrats have to offer, they are in serious trouble, because they apparently haven’t learned that name calling does not win elections.

Just ask Hillary Clinton.

H/T Breitbart

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