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When no news is good news

Stop the refugees from drowning.

Rather, there are those who would prefer to arrange matters so that refugees drown trying to access Australia – this way there is a cause for the ABC, The Greens, and all progressive to fight for.

Just to remind of the news that is no news.

Today, no refugees drowned trying to reach Australia. Nor yesterday. Nor for many a day before.

This should be a fact to rejoice in.

Go ahead and remind a progressive friend today.

Border enforcement is saving lives, Open Borders Kills refugees.

  • Al L

    Now all we need to do, is to start deporting the shit and scum that have entered Australia disguised as “refugees”.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    I did not drown today. But I did cross the perilous divide between my shower door and the back wall. Still waiting for all the attention due to me.

    Thunderous applause? Acclamation?

    • entropy

      I, personally, would like to commend you on the bravery you have shown to undertake such a journey.

      We all know you did it for your family, but also because you fucked up your own shower and would prefer someone just give you a new one so you don’t have to do anything to fix it yourself.

    • ] W. Hunter [