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So remember how we talked about Randy Travis getting a naked DUI earlier in the month? And mentioned, within that post, that he’d been arrested sometime in the months prior for—yes, something else alcohol-related*? Well this time he’s been arrested, and it wasn’t for a DUI—it was for getting into a a drunken fight in a church parking lot. And now he’s in the hospital. WTF. Oh, and did I mention he was drunk? Again? Because he was drunk. Again. Seems to be that someone needs a little thing called, I don’t know … rehab?

From People:

“We got a phone call at around 10 or 10:30 [Thursday] night about a personal family issue occurring between an estranged husband and wife. The wife was reportedly the girlfriend of Randy Travis,” Officer David Tilley, of the Plano, Texas, Police Department, told PEOPLE on Friday morning.

“Randy intervened and reportedly an assault took place between Randy and husband. There were no injuries reported,” said Tilley.

The beleaguered country singer was cited for a Class C simple assault, “which is a minor misdemeanor offense similar to a traffic violation,” Tilley told PEOPLE.

Oh, OK. Well as long as no injuries were reported, and it’s “only” a minor misdemeanor. Really, I think all of these people are missing the point—Randy Travis has an issue with alcohol, and no one seems to be addressing it. Though sources at the scene (read: Randy’s PR team) claim that there was no alcohol involved, other sources at the scene (read: real people) claim that Randy was “extremely intoxicated.”

Can someone maybe hop on down to Texas and give this guy some help, huh?

*The “something else alcohol-related” was another drunken appearance in a church parking lot. I guess this guy spends a lot of time drinking at church or something.