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Charlotte Dawson, a model/actress/TV presenter, was the host of Australia’s Next Top Model. She was found dead in her apartment yesterday, Saturday the 22nd of February. She was only 47 and there’s no clear cause of death. It’s bizarre.

From People:

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a realtor had entered Dawson’s two-bedroom waterfront apartment to prepare it for a viewing. The agent found Dawson’s body and notified police. Authorities say there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

The day before her death, Dawson – who had a history of depression and reportedly attempted to commit suicide in 2012 – supposedly filmed a morning TV show, had brunch with a friend and was photographed walking in the sunshine, looking happy and relaxed.

Perhaps she decided to commit suicide? People also mentions that in 2012, she got numerous death threats:

In August 2012, she received hundreds of online death threats after she became involved with anti-cyberbullying organization Community Brave. An online group began a sustained campaign of Twitter harassment, telling her to “stick your head in a toaster” and “go hang yourself.” After fighting back against the bullies, it seems she finally gave up.

“Hope this ends the misery,” she reportedly Tweeted, attaching a picture of a handful of pills. “You win.” She spent two days under psychiatric observation. In an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes, she called the incident “really humiliating and embarrassing,” but claimed to be recovering from it.

It seems most likely that whatever happened to her, she did by her own hand, but since details are so scant, who knows. She could have also died in a sudden but “natural” way, like celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman, who died of a clot at the age of 39 in June of 2013.

So sad. Friend Russell Crowe tweeted, “Charley D…Just don’t understand. There’s not enough kind souls as it is. Rest in peace.”