POETRY harnesses the Centre’s latent creativity and makes known the existence of the Centre.


Meister Eckhart says:
The eye with which I
see God
is the same with which God
sees me.
My eye
and God’s eye
is one eye,
and one sight,
and one knowledge,
and one love.

Eckhart Tolle says:
God is undifferentiated Consciousness.

Gnome says:
When thinking stops
while you are looking at the world,
God is looking out
through your eyes
at your world.

  • Poetry in Life: Writing these poems is like collecting the bubbles which stream away from the stern of a small boat crossing a vast ocean. They are all different. They are all the same. Fragile, inconsequential bubbles of livingness…

  • Poetry in THAILAND: Disabled beggars with plastic begging cups; Ferraris, a snow white Bugatti Veyron and a swimming pool filled with ice for New Year’s Day; westernised nose jobs, lady boys and budget sex changes; Ghosts and Spirit Doctors; mediums offering lunch to the spirits that possess them; body snatchers lurking below motorway bridges… Temples thundering out their message that all this is impermanent, not-self and suffering.

  • Poetry in OXFORD: Bones and stones, churches and vivisection laboratory. Peaceful gardens, rivers and quadrangles. Relentless efforts to squeeze the money out of its alumni. Drifting ghosts looking for peace. Drifting students looking for a place in a disintegrating world. Beauty inherited from the past. Deliberate ugliness bequeathed by the present. Vice Chancellors once men of God. Currently a man chosen because he is good at making money. A footprint of your world and mine.

  • Poetry in VIENNA: with Coloured Illustrations. Sigmund Freud, a dull man, started off conventionally, as dull men do, with cocaine, electrotherapy and hypnosis. Things became more exciting though when he moved to the second floor and had a realisation rivalling that of St Paul… Here the lunatics are free. They walk the streets confined within their minds, and peer out through the blinds and the visors of their faces.

  • Learn how to access the Centre. How to understand it. How to use it. How to enter it forever.

  • “At last! The true History of Humanity according to reliable Jewish and Christian sources, showing how it all went so terribly wrong and left us in the mess we find ourselves in Now – even if we are Moslems!”

  • The History and footprints of Jehovah from the Creation of the World until Joshua’s genocide at Jericho, with a postscript by Nietzsche and a comment by a twentieth century American Jewish prophet, Bob Dylan. With comments by Gnome (assisted by Socrates).