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Universal Medicine retractions, distractions & Easter gossip April 2018

Universal Medicine retractions, distractions & Easter gossip April 2018

Crack open your sexy chocolate eggs – with Love, Natalie

31 March 2018 – Happy Easter

*Gossip odds & ends

*Sunlight Ink – Esoteric literacy meets Esoteric altruism

🐣🐰Happy Easter Duckies!🐰🐣

I wasn’t going to post but supporters keep @-ing me for updates, soothsaying and Ageless Wisdom, so I’m putting this up to remind you all that even though Team UM tells everyone that I am the Astral Plane’s most powerful emissary for the Four Lords of Form, possessed by spirit and I have supernatural powers that enable me to do the work of a solicitor’s office, a publishing house, a private investigations firm, and an activist bunker, without a living income, and maintain Hollywood levels of jealously, AND show them up as delusional fools, fuckwits, mercenaries and bounders, I am actually only human.

So if you want to help the celebrity troll – stick your inquiries about public stuff in the comments, and your tip offs about UM social media as well. That way I’m not spending time responding to the same questions, you can discuss the latest scandals among yourselves, and investigate for yourselves. Maybe even take action for yourselves. I have the temporal work of the Brahmanic Lords to do. And there’s mountains of UM dirt to sift through. After all.

If you want to comment anonymously, leave the fields of the comment form blank.

In response to the question about the Unpacking UM videos – when will they be back? If you haven’t heard, UM has had three of the latest episodes taken down with groundless copyright infringement complaints. I don’t know when they’ll be back. When I know, you’ll know. Either YouTube has forgotten, or Team UM is stalling them with some Esoteric palaver. I’ve asked YouTube to forward UM’s complaints and their responses to my counter notification to me. I’ve said before, if UM wants to put their claim in front of the Federal Court, my legal team and I will be right back at them. We’ll fight censorship all the way, and we’ll go them for costs and injunctions on further groundless complaints. The films will be back.

We don’t have a judgment for the 1 February hearing in Sydney yet. I don’t know when we’ll get that.

I’d also like to remind everyone, I’m bankrupt. My rent is paid up, but my landlord wants to renovate the block of flats I live in, so I’ve been evicted. I’ve been offered lodging, cuddles and laughs in various locations, thank you.

If you didn’t see the last update, my bankruptcy means that any donations or gifts made to me will be confiscated by the trustee. That’s why crowdfunding ended with my bankruptcy. I am however continuing to work as an investigative writer, and my work on my own defence is part of the work of my journalism – protecting my publications. I have no income other than what supporters pay me for my writing services, so please, if you value my work, support it and make a payment for my services to one of the accounts listed at the top of the page. Supporters have asked how to mark their payments – that’s up to you, but services is good. Contact me if you’d like an invoice, or if you have any questions.

You can still add messages with your transfers if you have space. I really enjoyed the payments marked ‘up yours Charlie’ after Team UM’s December court debacles. There was also a payment from Itty Bitty Titty Inc.

Thank you everyone. Very much. I couldn’t have made it this far without your help.

Gossip odds & sods

It’s funny what one digs up when one is rummaging the Australian Business Register for the latest rash of UM businesses. It’s kind of like an oracle. It enables me to read the minds of its interstellar Hierarchy and their innermost ambitions to scrape up cash from atmic abstractions (aka money for nothing). So the 6th dimensional mogul, his hermaphroditic self, has registered ‘The Livingness Library’ as a business name. Because Unimed Publishing’s 10 volumes of unedited prose that students transcribed from his unprepared ramblings, and several hundred hours of subscription recordings of the same, is not enough Ageless Wisdom. The students still don’t get it. Nobody does. Anyway, Gentle Breath Meditation has been a business for a fair while. But now the Universal Family Trust trading as Universal Medicine also has:

Business name(s)
Business nameFrom
Esoteric Numerology 19 Oct 2017
Esoteric Yoga 19 Oct 2017
Occult Numerology 19 Oct 2017
Sitting Yoga 19 Oct 2017
The Yoga of Stillness 


WHOLE BODY MINDEDNESS must be a misspelling though. They forgot the ‘LO’ after the B.

I can’t be bothered looking up all the other Bloodyminded UM schemes. Gawd knows what happened to the hilarious Walking Therapies. Whatever. But this new one is kind of fun. If anyone can guess why Esoteric Breast Whisperer and sole trader, Alan Johnston, who comes to court with his collar up, dressed like Nosferatu (or Elvis?) to take notes about my family and friends, and once dropped by this site to assure me he knows where I live, would register a business named ‘Universal Medicine Congregation‘, and how he hopes to monetize it, speak up in the comments.

What in Sham-balla could it possibly sell?



‘Powerful group pressures…’?

Is he going into competition with The One?

In another snippet of goss, a little bird told me that I have a lot more in common with certain of the more switched on members of the Universal Medicine Congregation® than anyone would have thought. Lo and behold, they do ask questions from time to time. It seems some of them did ask WTF happened to the $600,000 in cash assets that vanished from the College of UM charity accounts. They also asked WTF happened to Natalie with Love TV and the $126,000 raised to launch the sexy Eso-starlet, who we’re all jealous of, and her six mirrors, and Women in Livingness TV, to millions of viewers? That’s what you said wasn’t it, Natasha Ferré? Millions of viewers.


Some UMers even forked out for sponsorship and product placement.

The result was three pay per view Vimeos on an obscure Weebly website. $3 a throw to see Rachel whatserface cop an Eso-earful and a strategically lit makeover. The rest of the episodes have been ‘coming soon’ since 2015.

So the investors and donors asked the questions. That’s what we like to see. They want to know, at least a little bit, where’s the bang for their bucks? The answers they got were as Esoteric as they get apparently. In other words, no one is the wiser for asking.

So were those who put the questions tarred as detractors? Compared with Judas, and sentenced to a bunch of lifetimes of disease and disability?

SLAPPed with legal threats?

And the final bit of gossip, for today anyway – UM’s Hierarchical aspirants – some of those closest to The One – keep getting into trouble. Not just from a high strung blogger asking them to abide by their professional codes, stop touching people up (literally and figuratively), and suggesting they might meet with less conflict if they were up front about what they’re selling.


It’s serious, official trouble. More of it. The kind that smashes the withering remains of UM’s facade of *integrity*. To smithereens duckies.

Sunlight Ink’s retail priced Esoteric healing for Third World illiteracy

Sunlight Ink – beauty-full as long as you keep quiet and do as UM says

What do you do if you enter the market for children’s books, mistake unimaginative Esoteric proselytizing for narrative, and unsurprisingly end up with a big bunch of surplus copies?

If you’re Esoteric, you try and offload them on poor children in Papua New Guinea is what. Because of course those kids will just love reading the books Australian families reject.

And if you’re really right up there in The Livingness, you set up a crowdfunding campaign and ask people to buy the bloody things. Sunlight Ink, which is a business owned by Desiree Delaloye and Tanya Curtis, who are loyal devotees and promoters of a commercial religion that held a book burning, that peddles beliefs that charity is evil, that good is evil, that music is poison, that sport and fitness cause cancer, that gluten, dairy and root vegetables block the light of the soul, and that boys need to be smacked around – didn’t just dump the surplus on PNG’s disadvantaged youngsters – they talked a bunch of middle class Esos into buying them. After one of UM’s missionaries managed to foist the books onto some unsuspecting NGOs. The self-loving business women set up the scheme on a crowdfunding site called ‘Start Some Good‘, and charged supporters close to retail price for them.

They hoped to raise $10,000 to get rid of 800+ books. The books come in sets of three. That’s $12.50 per book, or $37.45 for each set.

They retail at $15 each or $40 for a set.

They raised $11,085 according to Start Some Good.

Or you could get Room on the Broom or other high quality books kids are guaranteed to willingly read more than once, and love, for $12.75 a piece.

It’s very UM. Shoving dull, overpriced Eso-ideological propaganda at those children will probably deter them from reading. Getting the mostly female ‘Sons of God’ to inflict their idea of ‘love’ and ‘joy’ on the less fortunate is classic Esoteric pushiness. Misspelling and Esoteric jargon won’t help kids’ literacy, and I have it on reliable authority that kids suffering through a UM childhood think they’re crap.

If those kids in PNG don’t get some decent books, there’s always alternate uses for scrap paper. Engineering for beginners perhaps…