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TVB K9 Cop <警犬巴打> will be a 20 episode police comedy premiering today along side Short End of the Stick 公公出宮. K9 Cop stars Bosco Wong and Linda Chung who’ve been reunited for their 4th TVB Series with their last being from 2012’s Witness Insecurity 護花危情.

K9 Cop also stars Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Angel Chiang (蔣家旻), Rebecca Chan (陳秀珠), and Jerry Ku (古明華).

The Synopsis for the series is this :

After losingbothparents at a young age, Lai Yat-tsau (Bosco Wong) turns into a guardianfigure for his three younger sisters. His mom’s death and his father’s fall to drug addiction turned Yat-tsau into a veryfast-tempered and chauvinistic man.

Initially assigned to the Kwun Tong Police Station, Yat-tsau’s superior transfers him to the K-9 unit to work with police canines, hoping that the strict coaching would betterform his character. Yat-tsau is appointed to work with a K-9 called Brother, however Brother doesn’t take a liking to him.

Throughout this process, Yat-tsau steps on the wrongend of veterinarian Ma Chi-ho (Linda Chung), and sturdy personalities conflict. However Chi-ho, who wants Yat-tsau’s assist in mending her estranged relationship with younger brother Ma Chi-chung (Oscar Leung), volunteers to aide Yat-tsau in improving his relationship with Brother. Through Brother, Yat-tsau and Chi-ho develop an fascinating partnership and chemistry.

With Chi-ho’s assist, Yat-tsau and Brother bond. Brother additionally helps Yat-tsau track down the drug dealer Lui Kam-dong (Jerry Ku). Simply as he’scloser to solving the case, Yat-tsau’s partnerand closepal Fai Chung-lim (Raymond Wong) breaks an unwritten rule in order topreserve a secret,putting a dent on their brotherhood. This additionallywill get Chung-lim’s girlfriend and Yat-tsau’s younger sister, Jil (Tracy Chu), right into aclose todeadlycatastrophe.

Kam-dong returns for revenge, and makes use of his younger twin brother Kam-bo, who has been working as an informant for the cops, to concoct a trap. Yat-tsau, Chi-ho, and Brother teamup to save their buddies.

TVB K9 Cop 警犬巴打

Chinese Title: 警犬巴打
Genre:  Crime, Comedy , Drama
Episodes: 20
Release Date: 9 February 2016 – 28 March 2016
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Cast: Bosco Wong , Linda Chung , Rebecca Chan , Oscar Leung , Raymond Wong , Tracy Chu, Angel Chiang


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