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Trump’s sixth communications director resigns – politics

  • Trump has Bill Shine leaving his sixth communications director in two years.
  • But Shine stays with him: he will work for Trump’s campaign team in the future.
  • One of his actions lasted only ten days in office

US President Donald Trump has lost with Bill Shine within two years, his sixth communications director in the White House. Shine announced his resignation on Thursday night, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Friday. Trump accepted this. Shine will work in the future as a consultant for the campaign camp Trumps. “We’ll miss him in the White House,” Trump said, according to a statement. He is looking forward to working with him in the election campaign.

Shine, like several other high-ranking employees, came to the White House from pro-government broadcaster Fox News. The proximity of the broadcaster to the closest circle of government employees and the close to the court reporting presentation of journalistic content had recently made headlines. The Democrats have since closed Fox News from the broadcasters who are allowed to broadcast their candidate debates in the pre-election campaign.

Trump now has to start looking for a communications chief again. The position was held twice by Sean Spicer, with Mike Dubke at the helm. Spicer resigned as spokesman when Anthony Scaramucci had been punched in front of him – in turn, held only ten days in office. After him, Hope Hicks took over for about eight months, before she went into turbulence a year ago to the Trump employee Rob Porter – with whom she had a relationship. Shine, too, was in office for less than a year.

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