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The Destructive Nature of Gossip

If we examine our hearts and minds more closely in empathy for every soul who has suffered needlessly from jealous gossip, we work to make positive changes in the collective consciousness. Gossip will damage you as much as others We have all been the victim of gossip, through our own words, or the words of someone else. Gossip can destroy lives, the trust of others, and life-long friendships. It is like a spiritual assault on our souls to discuss others without their input or understanding of their privacy. We open the door to being under scrutiny ourselves, even worse, we hurt someone deeply by repeating things we know or hear. It doesn’t matter if the gossip is true or not it only matters that we use discretion and integrity with any information we receive. Is it true? Is it kind? Will this knowledge help someone from being hurt? Is it based on hatred or jealousy for this person that is not justified? Make no mistake that if someone is telling you about everyone else and their life challenges or blessings, they are most likely talking about you too. We live in a very dangerous age of false information, gossip magazines, and reality shows. People have started assuming that since others tell every secret imaginable about their lives on these shows it is open season on friends and family too. Truly it is not in anyone’s best interest to be caring all the time about what anyone thinks but it is just not productive to judge and accuse another without a very good reason. Jealousy is known to be at the root of most gossip. When one person feels threatened by another, it can cause them to make-up or repeat stories about their rival(s) just to eliminate the competition. Even good…

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