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The Best Celebrity Baby Names

Bizarre celebrity baby names always grab the headlines, but not every baby in Hollywood has one. In fact, some celebs have gotten really creative with their children’s names — and we love what they came up with! While these elegant celebrity baby names aren’t so odd they’re awful, they’re definitely not traditional (although tradition has its place as celebs like Anne Hathaway have shown us; she named her son Jonathan).

And here’s the thing: If you think you felt a lot of pressure when trying to come up with your kid’s name, try adding fame and paparazzi to the mix.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your future baby’s name, or you just feel like checking out a really good list of awesome names that famous actors, musicians, and fashionistas have chosen for their offspring, we’ve got ’em right here. What’s your favourite one out of these celebrity baby names?

Celebrity Parents: Famously friendly exes, Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and ex-husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin

Steve Jobs fans? Or just really into fruit?

Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Apple Martin

Celebrity Parents: Grammy Award-winning musical power-couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z

How beautiful is the name Blue? Even cooler, Beyonce alluded to having chosen the name for its deeper meaning, found in Rebecca Solnit’s memoir A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

Photo: Beyonce/Instagram

Blue Ivy Carter

Celebrity Parents: Actress/singer Ashlee Simpson and ex-husband, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz

Presumably fans of New York’s northern most borough, as well as Rudyard Kipling’s literary classic, The Jungle Book (or maybe just the Disney movie version).

Photo: Ashlee Simpson/Instagram (Bronx is pictured, left)

Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Dweezil, Moon, Diva, and Ahmet Zappa

Celebrity Parents: Musician Frank Zappa and his wife, Gail Zappa

There’s something kind of amazing about names that are this out there. I have no words!

Photo: Diva Zappa/Instagram (Not pictured: Dweezil, Moon, and Ahmet)

Dweezil, Moon, Diva, and Ahmet Zappa

Celebrity Parents: Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys and hip-hop husband Swizz Beatz

This celeb kiddo’s middle name is the Arabic form of David, so why not pair it with something totally out there … like Egypt?

Photo: Alicia Keys/Instagram

Egypt Daoud Dean

Celebrity Parents: Canadian singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, and husband, rapper Souleye

In case you were wondering (I was), Ever is a boy’s name, and Imre is one seriously tough sounding Hungarian name.

Photo: Alanis Morissette/Instagram

Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway

Celebrity Parents: Fashion designer Nicole Richie and husband, Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden

Conjuring up images of Hollywood vixen Gene Harlow, this is a name mama Nicole apparently liked so much that she used it twice—once for her daughter, and again for her fashion line House of Harlow 1960.

Photo: Nicole Richie/Instagram

Harlow Madden

Celebrity Parents: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and soccer star, David Beckham

This British power couple chose unique hipster first names, and then went traditional for the boys middle names — Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, and Cruz David — but then switched it up for their daughter.

Photo: Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Harper Seven Beckham

Celebrity Parents: Actress and Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba and her husband, businessman Cash Warren

There’s a lot to live up to with a name like Honour, but it’s definitely unique and quite elegant, too.

Photo: Jessica Alba/Instagram

Honour Marie Warren

Celebrity Parents: “30 Rock” alum Alec Baldwin and ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger

Sharing a name with one of the most beautiful countries, it’s no wonder this celebrity spawn is a lanky fashion model.

Photo: Ireland Basinger-Baldwin/Instagram

Ireland Basinger-Baldwin

Zahara Marley, Maddox Chivan Thomton, Pax Thien, Shiloh Nouvel, Knox Leon, and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt

Celebrity Parents: Estranged Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

With six kids, three of whom have been adopted from around the globe, it’s no wonder the Brangelina bunch have some of the coolest names in Hollywood.

Photo: Angelina Jolie/Instagram (not pictured: Zahara and Maddox)

Zahara Marley, Maddox Chivan Thomton, Pax Thien, Shiloh Nouvel, Knox Leon, and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt

Celebrity Parents: Grammy Award-winning diva Mariah Carey and ex-husband, actor/rapper Nick Cannon

Taking the name-your-kid-after-a-country trend to a whole new level.

Photo: Mariah Carey/Instagram (Moroccan is pictured, left)

Moroccan Scott Cannon

Celebrity Parents: Grammy Award-winning musician/producer Pharrell Williams and wife, model/designer Helen Lasichanh

Named after Stevie Wonder’s “Rocket Love,” Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” and Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit,” this kid is bound for a life of adventure.

Photo: Pharrell Williams/Instagram

Rocket Ayer Williams

Celebrity Parents: Famously friendly Hollywood ex’s Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

Maybe Mum and Dad were setting her up for the celeb life, full of gossip and rumors? Whatever their motivation, we like their eldest daughter’s name!

Photo: Rumer Glenn Willis/Instagram

Rumer Glenn Willis

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