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Spa tea, laughter and (bonus!) a celebrity

Five years ago, for Mother’s Day, my husband gave me a day at a spa. Not just any spa, but a sumptuous, award-winning spa in the North Carolina mountains. It was a splurge to be sure. The best part, thanks to some secret planning among husbands, was that three of my dearest friends received the same gift.

Each of us, for different reasons, had had a rough year. (For me, it was another cancer scare.) So that summer trip was more than just a gift; it was medicine for our souls.

It turned out to be more than our husbands anticipated, too. When we got home, all aglow, they realized they had unwittingly set a pretty big precedent. Yep, we wanted to go back, and we spent much of the next year plotting to get our husbands to treat us again.

Our plotting paid off, because we got the same gift the next year. And the year after that. We scouted out an inexpensive inn and turned our spa dayinto a two-night, three-day mountain trip. And then we just began to expect it. I’m embarrassed to admit that this year we actually chose the trip date before Mother’s Day. That’s right. We had the dates on our calendars before we had the gift certificates in our greedy little hands.

So, last week, we spent three days in the mountains doing the things we do every year. We spent one day at the spa, enjoying salt scrubs and massages, sipping spa tea with lemon ice cubes, and gazing at the gorgeous mountains.

Oh, and hanging out with an incredibly gracious, well-known actor. Well, not so much hanging out with him as spending time with him. OK, OK, we had one conversation, but he initiated it. And, we were in the same Relaxation Room (yes, that’s a real room) with him most of the morning.  We played it very cool, but we were beyond star-struck, and I’m sure he noticed us stealing glances from behind our books.

The other two days, we walked a lot and shopped a lot and ate at all of our favorite places.

And we laughed.

The one constant on every trip, since the beginning, has been laughter. I wish I could tell you what we laughed about, but that would be breaking our one unbreakable rule. The Cone of Silence. Yeah, we’re just silly enough to call it that. But unlike the always-faulty Cone of Silence on the old TV comedy Get Smart, our cone of silence actually works.

So, safe in our confidence in the cone and in one another, we share hopes and fears and dreams and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. That’s the best spa treatment of all.