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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Some Good News and Some Bad News

That inner collapse is not to be feared and it is most certainly not a problem, or the beginning of a problem, it is the dawning recognition of the truth of the system. A simple thing like an unpaid parking fine, that puts a person in the slammer, provides the starkest possible insight into the real nature of a state, its excess, it’s impersonal brutishness, and its basic corruption, dis-proportionality and scope for terrible evil. One experience of the state’s abuse is enough to fully and graphically reveal what your real relationship to the state is. That thing you patriotically huff and puff about fixing, it’s not fixable. You are its drone, its chattle, and it will fix you – period!

It’s not that the person loses faith in the system, it’s that the system abuses and mistreats the person so much, or so ruthlessly and unfairly, that it patently does not deserve one damn ounce/gram of that persons faith or support, and furthermore, to do so would be intrinsically immoral, and unjust, as it will only then inflict future abuses and on other people just like you. And you can not reform it, and it is delusional to be trained to believe it can be reformed.

All you can do is deny it authority to govern you, moderate you, pilot you, manage you, classify you, assign you, limit you, threaten you, teach you, order you, steal from you.

Whatever that is, what ever you want to call that, a ‘system’, a ‘Constitution’, it cannot and never will create freedom, nor any other such high-minded state of being bought on by a mere word, that you don’t already intrinsically have, without any words at all.

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Oh, did I say I had some good news? Hmmmm, I must be delusional. I forgot what the good news was–silly me.

… If the people cannot have confidence that their laws will be faithfully honored, then there is no advantage to having a government, and if the social contract between the people and their government is fatally ruptured, the political order quickly collapses. The collapse need not be accompanied by riots in the street – not at first. The collapse occurs first in the mind, as citizens realize their country is only steps away from anarchy or dictatorship. …”

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