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Slideshow: The Best Celebrity Shades

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  • The Rock has a strong jaw and an oval-shaped face. Which is why these sunglasses that are a mix of a square/round shape work really well for him. People with oval faces can pull off almost every style of frame (lucky them!). But, round glasses typically work best for those with strong facial features, such as defined cheekbones or a strong jawline. Going with this combination of frame style really tones down his definition and adds some flair. A rock solid choice (pun intended).

  • Square Face – Michael B. Jordan

    Michael B. Jordan has some serious style, and he rocks accessories like no one else. Since he has a square face shape, he opted for some round sunglasses with a golden metal frame. Round sunglasses help soften the boxy jawline and sharp definition of a square face. Plus, we love the way he mixes this vintage style frame with modern attire.

  • Round Face – Leonardo DiCaprio

    Round faces often have symmetrical features, high cheekbones and a youthful appearance. Leonardo DiCaprio has a round face, which means he should stick to glasses that are larger than his face. In addition, an angular frame, like the pair seen here, add more definition to the face. Leo definitely hit the mark with this pair.

  • Heart-Shaped Face – Will Smith

    Will Smith has a heart-shaped face, so he opted for a great pair of aviators that add some balance to his features. Heart-shaped faces have pointy chins and larger foreheads, so you want to look for sunglasses that add length to the face. Aviators will do just that. Will opted for a nice, dark pair that brings a sleek touch to his overall look.

    (Although, in our books, he could still pull off the colorful Fresh Prince Ray Bans — if he wanted to.)

  • Square Face – David Beckham

    David Beckham has also found the perfect shades for his square face. Here, he opted for a wayfarer style, which softens his facial features. These shades provide a great mix of classic and modern style, with a top that runs parallel to his forehead and a round bottom that brings a softness to his jaw. They’re also the perfect size, not too large to overwhelm the face.

  • Heart-Shaped Face – Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling also has a heart-shaped face, so he opted for D frame sunglasses. D frame sunglasses are another option that works extremely well for heart-shaped faces. These shades have a larger frame size, so they add length to his face, giving some weight in between his smaller chin and larger forehead. We expect no less from this man of impeccable style. 

  • Diamond Face Shape – Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson has a diamond face shape with a slimmer forehead and wider jaw. Those with a diamond face, like Robert’s, should opt for a larger pair of sunglasses that add more weight to the top to balance off the jaw. This face shape works well with almost any style of sunglasses, but Robert kills it by going for a medium-sized hexagonal-shaped lens.

The Best Celebrity Shades

Celebrity Sunglass Style

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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then sunglasses are the curtains everybody judges. While you may view sunglasses as an item built purely for protection and efficiency, they are so much more. The right shades will not only provide your eyes with a clear view — free from the sun’s harsh rays — they will elevate your look and showcase your sense of style.

But before you hit up the endless racks of sunglasses at the department store and spend hours assessing if you can pull off Aviators or tinted blue lenses, let us help guide your shopping experience with this key tactic. Your Face Shape.

While your general taste and preferences will help in the final narrowing down process, your first step in finding shades is to access the shape of your face. To help guide you, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite celebrity sunglass looks to use as a reference guide. Whether you have a heart-shaped face like Chris Hemsworth or you’re more of a square — after reading this you’ll be well on your way to rocking a stylish pair of shades.