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#RHOA Eva Marcille Explains Extravagant $1,000 Per Plate Wedding Costs… (VIDEO) – Straight From The A [SFTA] – Atlanta Entertainment Industry Gossip & News

Mar, 19 2019 | Written by ATLien

Eva Marcille of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is catching a lot of flack about her extravagant wedding costs.

As previously reported, one of Eva’s bridesmaids is putting her on blast about her dire financial straits and it’s got many giving her the side eye about the “$1,000 per plate” wedding costs.

The “America’s Next Top Model” alum took to her Instagram Story recently to clear up rumors that she and her husband, Michael Sterling, are in financial ruins after dishing out thousands for their lavish wedding.

Video + details below…

In the video above, Eva clarifies the costs of her wedding, stating:

There’s this big curiosity about how much money I spent for my wedding, and how much per plate, and all this good stuff. Let’s be very clear – I paid for my own wedding. There were no loans. Nothing was done on barter. And I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but if you’ve ever planned a wedding – it’s per person, not per plate.

So when it comes to floral decor, when it comes to chairs- I didn’t have plastic chairs. When it comes to tables, when it comes to the champagne you sip from the moment you walked into the door from the moment you left, from valet, to security, to lighting – to everything. I mean, I had musicians around the clock- like, let’s be clear.

She continues:

So when I say it was $1000 a head, it was $1000 a head- not $1000 a plate. Get your life together. And how about we start minding business that we invest in? How about that for starters? Have a good one!

Eva’s wedding was absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately when it came to the show, it was totally background noise.

Nevertheless, shout out to FreddyO for capturing more of the moment.

What are your thoughts about Eva Marcille’s statement?

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