Zimbabwe does not belong to a political party but to every citizen. Proper management of the country and it’s resources lies on each and every individual citizen, and such a citizen has the right to change government personnel including The President.

It may be argued that The President became a Sole Proprietor of Zimbabwe from the moment he came into office. People of Zimbabwe surrendered all entitled rights to one man. Today the sole man is blamed for everything and yet the question still remains! What is in your hand? The country pride itself of abundant human and natural resources. Many of us are seeing a problem when in actual fact we should be seeing opportunities.

Opportunities of replacing zanu government have come and gone on numerous occasion because many of us agree to be bribed by our own money and resources. Opportunities to advance in business continue to come and is going to China. Where is our innovative young men and women? What are they using their skills for? Is this not the right time for them to stand up and say “Yes I can make a difference” instead of blaming and joining some bogus political parties and churches and doing exactly what zanu government is doing.

Starting a party and have one seat is corruption because you have denied a bigger party to win on behalf of everybody and you become the only beneficiary. Equally we have seen so many bogus Preachers miss-selling the word of God and giving people false hope in return for political ambition or money corruptly. Zimbabwe needs men and women who can stand up for truth, efficiency and professional administration.

Zimbabwe government is terminally ill. Giving people pieces of land instead of their wages is clear proof that the government lack innovative practitioners. Where are you? You can change the government but not change the situation unless you  are actively involved in doing something in the form of job creation, agriculture and technology. Remember God created leaders not followers, so let us see the leader in you.