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The Hubble Cantata

Nature.com August 19, 2016

“…a multidimensional paean to the ‘eye in the sky…”


The New Yorker August 13, 2016

“It astounded me, this feeling of floating above Earth, and tears began to emerge from my cardboard goggles.”


Hyperallergic August 10, 2016

“…a thundering opus…”


Van Magazine August 10, 2016

“…Prestini’s music [is] vividly shimmering and raging with the emotional temperatures of characters as suggested in Vavrek’s libretto, and generally conjuring up an authentically cosmic atmosphere with its trembling strings, ethereal wind lines, and luminous glockenspiel.”


Feast of Music August 8, 2016

“The performance itself was full of magic and wonder. Space, of course, is silent: there is no audible music of the spheres. But, Prestini has written some astonishing musical passages that capture a sense of what it might be like to be set adrift in a universe without the limitations of space or time.”


The Guardian August 8, 2016

“…the event also demonstrated that classical musicians aren’t content with sitting on the sidelines as more pop and rock artists get involved with VR videos.”


The Colorado

The New York Times May 18, 2016

…the music — commissioned from five composers and performed by some of the most innovative soundsmiths around — is specifically tailored to the film’s passionate environmental advocacy and carries equal weight with the visual.

The mix of documentary film, live performance and call to activism worked unexpectedly well, maintaining a delicate balance between didactic drive and meditative awe.


Q2 Music May 23, 2016

The Colorado, too, hangs together, in part due to the tone of wide-eyed — but always clear-eyed — wonder that winds through the album like the titular river, and in part due to the remarkable palette of sounds that the team of performers is able to create between the extraordinary cello playing, the virtuoso singing and a rhythm section that combines Kotche’s primal drumming with the occasional gleam of some defiantly retro electronics.

Houston Chronicle April 8, 2016

…to see it in this configuration is likely a one-time opportunity in Houston, a living interactive performance of a striking, thoughtful and cautionary piece of art…



New York Times April 8, 2011

“…an enigmatic detente….potent, soulful.” 


The Berkshire Eagle February 25, 2016

“A mix of musical theater, choral concert, puppet show, art installation and elaborately contrived soundscape, it is a painstakingly-crafted small universe that is as immersive for the audience as it is for the performers.”


Walker Arts Center, the Green Room March 9, 2016

“It takes everyday people and objects and turns them into something beyond their normal scope in a tale that encompasses us all.”