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Media and Politics – Latest Jobs 92

Media have been playing vital role in strengthening
the political environment in the country. Media educate the people towards the
democracy in the country.  Media persuade
the public to come out for polling vote. Politicians describe their manifesto
on media. Media give tough time to the government and opposition for the
development in society. Media disclose the off the record activities of politicians and aware the public. Media highlight the issues and
problems of people and urge the government official to solve them. Media
educate the public about their rights defined in constitutions and laws of
land. Media also project the corrupt practices during election and after

Mainstream media is normally controlled by the
political and commercial forces. So these forces always misuse the power of
media with the purpose to manipulate the public opinion. Mass media get black
money from politicians and hide their weaknesses. Most of the time mass media
is playing in the hand of politicians and elite class.

is the central topic of daily news bulletin and about more than 70% talk shows
have been discussing the political issues for the years. Representatives of
these political parties participate in these talk shows to make favorable their
political image. Today various topics are prevailing in media such as
corruption, terrorism, money laundering, land theft, murder, business and
sports etc. Beside this funny TV shows mostly criticize the politicians. In
this way the politics seem to a favorite topic for media persons. In short
media condemn the politicians every time when there is misfortune in any party
of the country. For example the acts of terrorism is the failure of government,
money laundering& corruption are the businesses of politicians.