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In Case You Missed It: Toya Wright & Reginae Carter Dish Dirt w/Wendy Williams… [VIDEO] – Straight From The A [SFTA] – Atlanta Entertainment Industry Gossip & News

Toya Wright and her daughter Reginae Carter appeared on The Wendy Show earlier this week to talk about their recent appearance on MTV’s Super Sweet 16, but the mother/daughter team ended up revealing so much more!
During the appearance, Wendy dived headfirst into the marital drama between Toya and her estranged husband MempHitz.
Toya told Wendy that instead of acting out on instagram like her husband, she’s decided to write a new book called, “How to lose a husband.”
Williams also asked Reginae about the ‘Cash Money’ legal drama between her godfather (Birdman) & her dad (Lil Wayne) and Nae politely advised her that what they have is business but Birdman is still family to her.
More details + watch full video of Toya & Reginae’s appearance on The Wendy Show below…
Toya on her separation from MempHitz:
My husband started to feel like he was living in my shadow. When I met him he was a big music executive. He discovered talent like T Pain, K Michelle, all different types of artists. And to go from begin a music executive to being known as Lil Wayne’s ex wife’s husband…it just started to take a toll on him…
Toya on what happened to MempHitz’ career in the music industry…
He started mixing business with pleasure. He got into a relationship with his artist, K Michelle and it was a lot of allegations that he beat her and stuff like that.
The person that you see right now, that’s a person who’s dealing with a lot of hurt and pain and that’s just how he’s choosing to deal with it.
Toya on Whasserface:
I wouldn’t say she affected my marriage. This is how I feel about the whole situation, there’s three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth.
And to be honest with you, no one knows the truth only the people in that room. And you know, we’re all going off the information that we believe to be the truth. So we all are entitled to our own opinion.
Toya on MempHitz’ mental state:
You see he’s acting out on Instagram. How he chooses to deal with his stuff is how he chooses to. How I choose to deal with mine is different. I’m hurt too.
I decided to write a book called “How To Lose A Husband.”
[FYI… Toya’s last book hit the NYTimes best seller list (click HERE if you missed that).]
Toya on reconciling her marriage:
I would love to work things out with my husband because here’s the thing Wendy, a lot of people get married and when things go wrong they give up on their marriage. You make a vow, it’s for better or for worse.
Toya on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”:
Mona Scott Young asked Memphitz and I to join the show. And to me, that’s not something that I want to be a part of.
I didn’t feel that was the right thing to do for my marriage. We were newlyweds. To go on a show to go back and forth with your ex…I was like ‘No. You go on the show. I’m not going on the show.’
Next, Wendy brought out Reginae to discuss her ‘Super Sweet 16’ appearance, the drama between Birdman and Wayne and her plans for the future.
Reginae on Lil Wayne and Birdman Beef:
With me, I love them both and that’s business. My loyalty belongs to my father, anything that he goes through.
I love my father and I love my godfather. When my father was in jail, my godfather, he took care of me. So I love them both and I’m praying that they get through whatever they have
Wendy also brought up MempHitz and why he wasn’t spotted on Reginae’s birthday special. Toya responds:
He was at her Super Sweet Sixteen. They cut him out of the special, I guess because of what is going on (the Viacom/K. Michelle lawsuits).
But he plays a very important role in her life.
Reginae on her future goals:
I’m going to, of course, go to college still. But I am going to sing and rap. But right now, with the label goring through what they’re going through I’m on hold as well as my father.
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