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Hiring Some Stress Relief – BLIND GOSSIP

[Blind Gossip] This actress’ best-known role was the lead on TV drama.

While there is no doubt that her busy life demands a few staff to help her out, we’re not sure the latest choice is a wise one given something that happened just a few years ago.

She was married to [redacted] but she was really lonely and stressed out. She hired a personal trainer. Good looking guy, hot body. I don’t know if you’d call it an affair, but they did hook up a few times.

Yes, working out and having sex with a hot guy are two great ways to relieve stress.

And we know she’s a little stressed out right now.

But… is adding a young, good-looking man as a key member of staff really the best choice?

Can I please say what annoys me MOST about Markle? She RUINED IT for us Commoners! Ain’t no Royalty ever gonna come sweep me up at the Ball now that her ratchet family has shown how BAD they can be in the PR Department. There goes MY Tiara!! 👸🏼

Yes, I believe she and Harry love each other but that’s a really difficult family.

Maegan Markle… she just hired a young hottie as her communications director

Meghan and the new publicity guy ay the palace. He’s cute

Meghan was seen out having lunch with her new deputy press secretary. He’s much better looking than Harry. Royals aren’t usually seen eating out with staff. Why now?

Meghan Markle. Her new staffer is def hot!! I don’t think she’d risk everything to mess around with him though. She’d never get away with it.

Meghan Markle who was recently lunching with her press secretary. He’s hot!

Meghan Markle. I can’t see her doing anything that would jeopardize her position.

Actress: Meghan ‘I’m a Duchess now, d*mmit!’ Markle

[Optional] Will she stay faithful to her man? Oh yeah, the eyes of the world are on her and her new press secretary or press director or whatever he’s called……….

Oh-oh. Is this Meghan Markle and the new good looking press representative ?

She has the role of a life time, doubt she’d risk that

Will she stay faithful to her man?: Of course. Things are different now. She is not lonely and Harry loves her.

I thought it was smart of her to hire someone so capable and get rid of the riff-raff.

Megan Markle just hired a new Deputy Director of Press called Christian Jones who looks very handsome. The photos of the two leaving a restaurant in Notting Hill are the some of the few I’ve seen where she’s not holding her bump.

Meghan Markle and the new press deputy.

She’ll wait another 3 months until the baby/ies is/are born. After that – the “de-stressing process” begins.

Hope she’s discrete enough to keep out of the RF attention. Otherwise, all heel breaks lose.

Meghan Markle hired that handsome press guy…trouble in the making….I’ll make popcorn…

Surely MM is smart enough to not do that. If she has been as calculated as you say here, then there’s no way she’s gonna throw it away right now. Too many eyes on her and too much risk.

Meghan Markle. Just hired Christian Jones.

Hopefully she’ll stay faithful.

Meghan Markle and the new media guy she was pictured with. He’s a hottie!

I don’t think she will cheat on Prince Harry, but she will definitely flirt and seek attention from the guy just to feed her ego.

Definitely Megan Markle-have was s a new male press secretary .

She won’t stay faithful and hopefully Harry will divorce this fake actress

Duchess Megan but my gaydar pinged when I saw her new press secretary.

Megan Markle. As I obviously don’t know her personally, I can’t imagine her heavily pregnant and cheating on Harry. Surely not.

MM. Theres a clip on YouTube of her and Harry at Royal Albert Hall last week. Definitely a few boos from the audience…. Harry must have been shocked he’s no longer the public’s Golden Child (hence new press secretary?)

Narcs bring in a third party for triangulation purposes. It’s another way to try and control their prey. So for MM (queen of the narcs) it’s more like “this guy pays so much attention to me. He listens to me. We’ve become great friends!” Harry is probably pulling away (for god’s sake I hope he’s finally coming to his senses and seeing this phony for what she is) and questioning everything, and this is her reaction. Poor guy. Hope he starts listening to the fam. He wanted true love and got conned

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