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gossip girl update | Joe Hays

Okay, so this show has taken over our neighborhood. One can tell the status of a show/film by how much space they take up. How many streets are closed to parking? Are streets closed off entirely? etc. In other words, a little independent film won’t take up much space at all. When Will Smith and the crew of I Am Legend came to town and specifically Brooklyn, they practically shut down DUMBO. For those of you who don’t know, DUMBO is an entire neighborhood. Turns out, Gossip Girl is kinda a big deal. Who knew?

As for the two scenes they shot, one was at a local French Fusion restaurant and the other scene was at a bar down the street. To happen upon the scene when they are actually filming would be luck. So we got lucky. As the kids and I strolled back from a few errands today they were filming at the bar down the street from our house. I saw an awestruck mom and asked her the deal. This is what I learned.

Apparently one of the characters is an angsty teenage Brooklynite. Another character is a prick of an Upper East Sider whose dad is in real estate or development. Something like that. Anyway, the scene I watched was of the two coming out of the bar and the dude hopping into the limo. The conversation they had right before he hopped into the limo wasn’t good. She wasn’t happy and he looked, well, prick-ish. It was at that moment that Ira started screaming. A person with a headset rushed over and kindly shushed him. When I looked up, crew folks were looking at me indignantly.

It wasn’t enough to sabotage the scene but I walked away happy that we had made our mark.