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Good News and Bad News and Good News

Back in the fall of 2016, I had reported my energy about 25% of normal. This was up from about 5% of normal in January 2016.  However, from health categorization articles and friends talking with me, I realized I was expecting too much of myself.    (So what’s new, some who know me might ask.  LOL)
Since I was out of bed and working about 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, and 4 hours of these being actually up on my feet, this is actually closer to 50% of normal.   
Especially for nearing age 50. 
Thinking of it that way, I came a very long way in 9 months of living here.
The bad news is that since then, no less than 9 medium-to-large events struck me backward in my health.  Most of them have been accidental or unavoidable chemical contamination brought into the house. (More on this later.) I am still not where I was fall 2016.  
It is really frustrating; yet, without these setbacks requiring me to rest more, would I have published 3 books this year?  Probably not.  God always has a plan, knowing what I will face, and He brought other good things out of this, too.
In other good news, Steve is able to work from home now.  We never in our wildest dreams imagined he could have SUCH a good job later in life, with a fantastic boss and company, and even work from home.
Working from home now eases many things for us. He does not have to drive home at lunch to do Sarah’s lunchtime medical routine that none of the rest of us can do. Obviously it saves on gas and time. And, it does not leave me having to save a margin of energy for emergencies.
We very rarely need his help during the day, yet he is here if something happens. (Nothing has, yet.)
If he were 25 minutes away in town, there is a lot that can happen in the time it would take for him to drive home. For those times he has been away, I had to save a margin of energy “just in case,” and that was quite hard on me. It meant I could not push my body, which is a shame because pushing can sometimes help detox. It meant I needed to stay largely off internet. It meant I had to be on alert.
Being free to ignore all this except for rare occasions and instead do what is best for my body and for the family is fantastic. 
Onward toward the goal of full health I go….
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