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Renata Hamvas Wrote:
> Hi Nigello
> Since last week Southwark council parking
> enforcement officers are issuing £80 Penalty
> Charge Notices to parked up car, bus, taxi and HGV
> drivers, who refuse to switch off their engines
> when asked.
> I’m not sure, however whether other boroughs are
> doing the same (I’m assuming by east central
> London you were elsewhere)
> Renata

Sue Wrote:
> Renata, when you say “refuse to switch off their
> engines when asked”, do you mean asked by any
> member of the public, or asked by a Southwark
> official of some kind?

I’d be interested in this – since hearing a programme on radio 4 about the difference it makes in air quality in an area where there was a dedicated (and official) small team of volunteers approaching drivers in their cars asking them to switch off their engines I’ve been even more aware of just how much people sit with the engine running in the roads around where I live (I’m in Peckham rather than east Dulwich)…but whenever I’ve approached drivers – in a friendly manner and usually with both my small children in tow – I’ve been verbally abused and quite frankly the toxic feeling it leaves is even more toxic than the car fumes. I’m sick of being shouted at in front of my children it’s just so depressing. But I do find it so depressing that it would be SO EASY to make a notable difference in air pollution just by solving this one pointless and annoyingly selfish issue.
I understand that it’s human nature to get defensive and pissed off if you feel someone is attacking what you’re doing, but it’s just spreading the awareness that actually it’s creating an actual pollution problem and there is simply no need to have the engine running when you’re scrolling on your phone, listening to music, eating a sandwich…
So I was wondering – is there anything we can get from the council, flyers, anything, that we could hand wordlessly to drivers in this situation or to “back up” the verbal approach. Totally friendly and just trying to enforce cleaner air for everyone INCLUDING THE DRIVER OF THE CAR/VAN/ETC.
It makes me depressed on a daily basis, this problem. I have to walk back and forth along Queens Road Peckham with my kids on the school run every day which is bad enough for their lungs, so when people sit churning out needless pollution from the side roads which would otherwise hopefully be slightly less toxic it makes me feel really helpless…