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Funniest Celebrity Merchandise Products – Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and More Celebrity Merch

12 Times Celebrities Expertly Trolled Everyone with Their Merch

Nicki Minaj went off! ūüĎÄ

Cardi B skyrocketed to iconic meme status¬†when¬†her elementary school picture became the mascot for bad little kids with big attitudes everywhere. Clearly Cardi¬†didn’t care that some people thought she looked like the type of child who¬†bites other kids¬†and so she gifted the world with these t-shirts. Thanks, Cardi.¬†

Harry Styles is so damn fine and he knows it. Yeah, this¬†button is a reference to his “Kiwi” song that repeats the line “I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business” 22 times, and he’s definitely¬†trolling all his thirsty fans. I mean, there’s no way he wrote this song and made this button without thinking about how millions of teens and twenty-somethings would shout it at the top of their lungs and proudly pin the accessory to their shirts. Clever guy.¬†

When an aggressive photographer shouted at Ariana Grande for not looking his way, she epically responded, “And what about it?” Ariana seems to take this approach with pretty much anything that does not serve her. Drake and Kanye’s weird Twitter feud? What about it? Homegirl has a single to promote! She is not bothered, and everyone would do well to subscribe to this philosophy.¬†

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You know how everyone jokes about how Zayn Malik loves to talk about sex and how much he has it and how much he likes it? He’s heard it all before and, nope, he doesn’t care because he’s too busy getting some and designing t-shirts to remind everyone about it! Guess the joke’s on us, though, ’cause he’s raking in $35 for each of these babies.¬†¬†¬†



It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rihanna DGAF.¬†As part of her Anti album and tour merch, BadGalRiRi didn’t even put her name on her shirts because she rightly assumed that everyone would be able to identify the brains behind¬†“Most Likely to Not Give a F*ck.”¬†

Not long after Noah Cyrus went through her very public and tearful breakup with rapper Lil Xan, she came out with a merch collab with Pizza Slime. In an attempt to turn her broken heart into a bank account full of cash (pretty genius, if you ask me), she literally collected her tears‚ÄĒ12 per bottle‚ÄĒand sold them for $12,000. The tears were arguably¬†her most ambitious and troll-ific merch drop, but she also debuted some sweaters for fans with more modest bank accounts. If you want to rep your Noah fandom, get yourself either a¬†“Noah Cyrus Sucks” or a¬†“Sry I’m Trash” sweater.

Talentless? Scott Disick?¬†How dare you lob such an insult.¬†This year, Lord Disick founded the clothing company Talentless, which is pretty much just a line of plain T-shirts, some of which have the brand’s name emblazoned on them. Sure, it’s not exactly¬†the most original idea, but Scott’s venture¬†seems to be doing better than Arthur George, at least.