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FOR RENT: Ex ‘Housewife’ Phaedra Parks’ Lists Luxurious Buckhead Mansion for $10,000/Month… (PHOTOS) – Straight From The A [SFTA] – Atlanta Entertainment Industry Gossip & News

Attorney Phaedra Parks is wasting no time collecting her coinz after losing her cushy gig on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
I exclusively reported back on December 14, 2016 that Phaedra has purchased her Atlanta dream home for $1.9 million (click HERE if you missed that).
Well now that the checks have stopped, Parks has made alternate plans for the home and is now hoping a baller will lease it while she gets her life in order.
Details below…
SandraRose discovered that Phaedra JUST LISTED her Garmon Road mansion for rent a few days ago for a whopping $10,000/month:
The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has fallen on hard time since she was forced to leave the popular show after running afoul of the show’s producers and co-stars.
Parks purchased the 9,000 sq ft, 6-bedroom, 9 bath mansion, located at 4505 Garmon Rd, in October 2016.
Then the celebrity lawyer lost her reality TV job, and insiders whispered that she still hadn’t moved into the mansion in the Mt. Paran neighborhood.
For the record, the newly purchased home was a major bone of contention between Phaedra and her now ex-husband, Apollo Nida during their divorce.
Apollo, who had accused the successful attorney of several misdeeds during their lengthy divorce battle, claimed that that home was one of the many assets that Phaedra was hiding from him.
The security deed during the sale of the home listed the new owner as ‘Phaedra P. Nida, an unmarried woman‘ which was odd since she was still married at the time.
It was even more intriguing that Phaedra spelled her married name correctly when identifying herself as “single” but misspelled the four-letter last name on her own divorce documents .
But I digress.
Phaedra and Apollo have since come to an amicable solution regarding the divorce and division of their assets (click HERE if you missed that) but word on the curb is that Parks is still living in their marital home and never moved into her newly purchased mega mansion.
While she’s reportedly claimed the hold up is due to unfinished ‘renovations,’ the truth of Phaedra’s change of heart probably lies within her bank account. It takes a lot to maintain a home of that magnitude and the single mom has lost a significant chunk of her income after she wasn’t invited back to ‘Housewives’ for season 10.
What do you think about Phaedra’s real estate woes?

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