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Failed celebrity restaurants

Britney Spears joined two of her favorite places into one restaurant when she opened NYLA at the Dylan Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The concept, which blended cuisine from New York and Louisiana, was abandoned in 2002 after just six months of service.
"Ready Player One" Premiere - 2018 SXSW Conference and Festivals
Steven Spielberg’s submarine-themed LA restaurant Dive!, which incorporated underwater special effects, went under in 1999 after five years in business.
The Pretenders Perform At The Masonic Auditorium
Chrissie Hynde opened her meatless restaurant VegiTerranean in Akron, Ohio. After four years, it shuttered in 2011 due to the economic climate.
Grand Opening of Ludacris' Restaurant Straits
Ludacris hasn’t shied away from the restaurant business. After his high-end eatery Straits closed in 2012, he went on to open a a restaurant in the Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport called Chicken + Beer in 2016. It’s still open.
William Baldwin, Wife Chynna Phillips, Alexandra Nechita
Stephen and William Baldwin (pictured here with their families at the restaurant) opened Alaia, named after Stephen’s daughter, in the late ’90s. The place went through an identity crisis, changing its named to Luahn and finally Society 5 before closing completely.
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Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania! opened in 1995 at Mall of America but lasted less than a year despite Hulk doing heavy TV promotion.
Grand Opening of Justin's Bar and Restaurant
Sean Combs (pictured here outside his restaurant with President Donald Trump) opened his eatery Justin’s in New York in 1997. It closed after an impressive run of 10 years. His second location in Atlanta later shut down.
Madre’s, the Jennifer Lopez restaurant serving Puerto Rican and Cuban food in Pasadena, lasted six years before closing in 2008.
RYU Grand Opening
Scott Disick’s Manhattan restaurant Ryu couldn’t weather the storm. It closed after five months in part due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.
Grand Opening of The Fashion Cafe
The Fashion Café was backed by some of the biggest models of the ’90s, including Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer. While the food was reportedly good, the café no longer exists.
Flavor Flav House Of Flavor Take Out Restaurant Opening
With the name Flavor Flav you’d think he’d know how to run a great restaurant. Unfortunately, three tries later and still no luck. Flava-Flav’s Fried Chicken closed after four months, House of Flavor in Las Vegas closed after six months and Flavor Flav’s Chicken and Ribs was kicked out of its space after the rent reportedly went unpaid.
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Eva Longoria found out the hard way that a female-focused steakhouse wasn’t the best idea. SHe by Morton’s in Las Vegas was also hit with 32 food violations before it closed after two years.
Grand Opening Of Au Fudge, Presented By Amazon Family
Aw, fudge! Jessica Biel’s kid-friendly restaurant Au Fudge went out of business in July of 2018 after two years, but is still operating for private parties. Biel told Jimmy Kimmel, “Honestly, the restaurant business is way harder than being a producer … We’re definitely not making money. Nobody’s making money in the restaurant business…” Perhaps not the best business plan.