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Exciting News!

I’ve had the privilege to meet an amazing web developer who’s interested in working with me. Do you guys remember way back I was thinking of adding stuff to the site like comments and polls? But through an external site? Well, this guy can program anything from scratch… ANYTHING O_O

So, let’s let our imaginations run wild!
…in a world where ANYthing’s possible…
Have you ever finished a doll and thought “Boy, I sure wish that now I could… [____]”?
…what were you thinking?…
Have you ever loaded the site and thought “Gee, I sure wish I knew… [____]”?
…what were you wondering?…
Have you ever gotten frustrated and thought “Grrr, I wish Doll Divine had the [____] feature, the way that [_____].com does!”
…what seemed to be missing?…

I don’t want it to be THE next social networking site. But, I want it to be the ultimate experience for those that love making dolls. Please, sit back, close your eyes, and picture logging into the wickedest doll site ever. What would it offer you? Let me know! Hopefully we can make it happen! =D

PS. no more genetics for ATLA guys.. The next two months of my life are swamped (luckily this time, with Doll Divine related things, but still) and I need to make more games!
PPS. I see we gots some drama on the last post, and I don’t have time to intervene directly this time but thank you to those standing up for me, and to those brave enough to give me honest feedback! You’re all wonderful! <3
PPPS. I gots some programming help, and there are actually 3 games being worked on at once, so there’ll be a flood of new stuff soon! šŸ˜€