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Ep 106: Gossip Girl, Chuck – Boxcutters

Not only are LCDs more energy efficient, but there are huge savings in toxic waste. CRTs are full of lead, other metals and heaps of glass.

I strongly disagree with the idea of a studio audience for Newstopia. Perhaps you’re just missing the mood music? The mix of shows and their styles being parodied (TT/ACA, Sports Tonight) cracks me up; the fake ads leading into each real ad break are brilliant, down to choosing the type of ad (car, up next) and Les Murray’s sledging of Doris Lessing last night was GOLD.

Just a few thoughts on the podcast:
1. The Festival of Light is Fred Nile. I would expect nothing less from them. The Censors are bound by the legislation, aren’t they? Were Ch 10 breaking the rules by showing it? I doubt it – I really don’t think there’ll be a problem, unless 10 get skittish about advertising $, but I would’ve thought that for every sponsor who pulled their ads, there’d be another who wanted the spot.

2. Speaking of advertising $, I’m sure TT/ACA (can’t recall which one it was – aren’t they the same anyway?) would have contacted Reckitt Benckiser to let them know they were “thinking” of running a piece about Louie’s 50th birthday and would they be interested in paying for a bit of a plug?

3. Ross – the Geek shall inherit the earth. And I watched Double The Fist – and laughed. So there.

4. Did this week’s Quiz winner wish to remain anonymous? You didn’t say who it was.

Here endeth my 2 cents.


Last night’s Chaser was excellent, particularly Andrew Hanson’s song – fucking brilliant. They pushed it to the absolute limit (well, almost – they gutted out on “c*nts”, the wusses). Interestingly, the feedback from the public has been positive, but our Glorious Leader/s tut-tutted.