Home Celebrity Courtney Act waxes Andrew Brady’s bum on Celebrity Big Brother

Courtney Act waxes Andrew Brady’s bum on Celebrity Big Brother

Their bro/romance reached the next level…

Courtney Act waxed Andrew Brady’s buns on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, leaving The Apprentice star shrieking in agony, and us with our finger ready at the pause button, because…  a-s-s.

Their bro/romance reached the next level after their ongoing flirtation this past week, with Andrew openly admitting he would “go to town” on Courtney.

As the 27-year-old lay on his stomach, the Drag Race star applied the waxing strips and duped Andrew into believing she would count to three, but let go after one.

The clip is hilarious, and we’re not sure if we mentioned it, but you get to see Andrew’s ass. Need we say more?

Earlier this week, Courtney – real name Shane Jenek – attempted to pull down Andrew’s trousers and underwear during a drunken incident, briefly exposing him.

Viewers complained about Courtney’s actions, with some calling for the Australian fish to be removed from the house.

Andrew was called to the diary room to discuss the incident with Big Brother, describing it as “banter”.

“It’s nothing. I’m surprised it’s not happened earlier. Oh my God this is what it feels like to not be in trouble for once,” Andrew said.

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“I was shitting myself. I thought I’d done something again.”

Big Brother added: “Well as you know Andrew, Big Brother just likes to keep a check on all housemates and check that they are happy and comfortable and that everything is OK.”

Andrew concluded: “I’ll just tell him to not do it again. But it’s funny it’s all banter you know I don’t get offended by stuff like that. It’s all what mates do really.”

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