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Celebrity Travel: We Tried Conquering Our Fears with a Celebrity Phobia Reduction Expert

Celebrity Travel:

Teresa Giudice and Kalliope Barlis

Kalliope Barlis

What It Is: One-on-one classes with celeb phobia reduction professional and finest-promoting writer, Kalliope Barlis

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Who Tried It: PEOPLE staffers Madison Roberts and Maggie Malach

Stage of Scheme back: 8/10

Kalliope Barlis’ phobia reduction suggestions are essentially essentially based spherical mindfulness. She provides her customers with tools to abet them be more responsive to how they think and the way in which they react to the issues that frighten them. As the abet of her e-book Phobia Reduction: From Fright to Freedom states, she provides “education — not therapy.”

Maggie Malach, Workers Editor, Digital Platforms 

I walked into my session with Kalliope ready to address two of my greatest struggles: claustrophobia and anxiety of snakes. Living in Original York formulation being precipitated day-to-day by the dearth of dwelling in the metropolis. My greatest stressor, alternatively, is commuting on the crowded subway. As a minimal once per week I assemble myself en route to the PEOPLE converse of job downtown on a prepare car that’s so tightly packed that my face is firmly lodged in a stranger’s armpit. Feeling love I will’t reach the exit terrifies me. Fun truth: This in fashion be troubled carries over to crowded concert occasions and crowds in in fashion. I also bear a anxiety of snakes that dates exactly abet to the 2d I used to be caught in a crowd in Situations Sq. (bear you glimpse the sample right here?) when a dealer whipped a living, breathing, slithering snake at my face. You’d think my ophidiophobia would only rear its grotesque head when I’m mountain mountaineering — and it positively has — however I’ve encountered a scary quantity of snakes in the metropolis, including on Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace.

Kalliope and I started our Forty five-minute session by going over my fears and the way in which I react when faced with them. So a long way, so lawful. Subsequent, I did a chain of visualizations that refocused my fears from better-than-lifestyles technicolor nightmares to shadowy-and-white, minimized images. Lastly, Kalliope had me conclude my eyes and encouraged me to chill as she talked me by drawing conclude my phobias. I used to be so relaxed, essentially, that I will’t purchase word for word what she said, however the takeaway is this: She helped me alternate how I’ve relating to the issues that apprehension me, which in flip adjustments how I in actual fact feel about them, and can (confidently) alternate how I react to them.

Jonathan Cheban and Kalliope Barlis

Kalliope Barlis

After I opened my eyes, she had me repeat the mindset she’d factual outlined. Even vocalizing it, I felt calmer and more ready to address my phobias. Maybe most crucial of all, I felt empowered to change my point of view — one thing that I will raise to assorted areas of my lifestyles. At the tip of my session, we watched about a videos that contained either snakes or crowded trains, and while I wasn’t entirely relaxed (which is k — my mind need to peaceable stare them as imaginable risks), I straight walked myself by how to address the scenarios.

Within days of the session, I had the prospect to face every of my fears head-on. Using the subway, I believed of how Kalliope encouraged me to fend off my anxious emotions by remembering a time when I couldn’t destroy laughing. I also reminded myself that despite the proven truth that I in actual fact feel crowded, the doorways will originate and I will exit the prepare. I positively wasn’t breezy relating to the disaster, however I felt more in management. The 2d occurrence, alternatively, in actual fact examined me. About a days after my session, I returned to my desk after lunch to search out that some internet page visitors had been chilling in the PEOPLE converse of job with snakes — ravishing by my desk! (Explore how most continuously I stumble upon snakes in the metropolis?) I’ll be ravishing: I wasn’t relaxed relating to the disaster at all, in particular since my chair faced away from the snakes. Nonetheless I remembered Kalliope’s guidance to purchase a deep breath and assemble an exit, and I did factual that. I decamped to work in one more segment of our converse of job till the converse of job returned to a snake-free actuality.

Madison Roberts, Residence + Scramble Assistant

I in actual fact bear a severe anxiety of horses. Care for, I hear the hooves on the pavement, glimpse the mane, and straight I’m having a alarm attack. You’d think that horses wouldn’t be that astronomical of a deal in N.Y.C., however I stumble upon them bigger than you watched. Central Park is filled with horse-drawn carriages which I’m convinced are going to payment ravishing at me as I’m walking. And when I shuttle, it looks to be the first thing I gape on the resort amenities listing is the “equine experience.” I’ve grown up knowing my equinophobia within reason irrational — finally, horses are horny and majestic creatures — however it all stems abet to the first time I rode a horse when I used to be 12 years frail. I visited a horseback utilizing venue with my Lady Scout Troop and I in actual fact bear a radiant memory of stepping off my horse and getting kicked in the abdominal, which sent me flying backward. After that, I’m edifying particular I blacked out — or factual entirely erased the aftermath from my memory. Since then, I in actual fact bear steer clear off horses at all costs, till I went to a dude ranch in Colorado for vacation and my family pressured me to walk one. They’d been psyching me up all day, telling me the total lot used to be going to be ravishing and that it used to be time to face my anxiety. When the time got right here for me to saddle Tina, the horse I’d been assigned, I hadn’t but insecure. I used to be sweating, particular, and my hands had been shaking, however I wasn’t about to abet out. So I purchased on Tina’s abet and took a deep breath. Then, she took her first step … and I burst into tears. My family place the photo of me crying and hyperventilating on high of the horse in the family calendar.

So, I’ll admit when I used to be first offered with the assumption of a session with a phobia professional, I used to be a cramped bit skeptical that a forty five-minute session might well perchance perchance cure my lifetime anxiety of these animals. Nonetheless, I went in with an originate mind.

Dolores Catania, Teresa Giudice and Kalliope Barlis

Kalliope Barlis

I started by voicing my anxiety to Kalliope, who asked how I reacted to assorted scenarios, love seeing horses on a show vs. seeing them in particular person, or listening to their footsteps vs. seeing them walking. Then, she asked me what I used to be hoping to invent from the session, which we stumbled on used to be to in actual fact feel stable spherical a horse — not to be k utilizing them.

Subsequent, she asked me over and over to visualize a horse in my head, and then blink it the total way down to be a cramped image in shadowy-and-white. Then I replayed the two cases when I used to be most scared of the horses and reverse the motions till they had entirely left my mind. At the tip of the session, she asked me to see a video the build horses had been having fun with with every assorted, and then I closed my eyes and he or she talked me by seeing horses as horny creatures. She told me to purchase deep breaths when I’m spherical them, working out that I am absolutely accountable for my anxiety. As I watched the video for a final time, my hands weren’t sweating as phenomenal and I realized I felt more grounded.

I had to stumble upon my anxiety in actual lifestyles decrease than per week after my session with Kalliope. I visited Disneyland and felt straight pressured out relating to the horse-drawn carriages on Predominant Boulevard. Within the starting build, I ran away from the horse and tried to mosey it, however then I remembered Kalliope encouragin