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Celebrity Online Scams – ZAlebs

The internet is by far one of the greatest inventions the world has ever seen. Through this medium, the world has become one big global community and one of the perks of the internet is social media – especially the aspect of communicating with some of our favourite stars.

Throughout the years, we have seen the dark side of this beautiful invention and one of the cons of this is imposters, we often hear stories of people stealing other peoples identities for their sinister intentions and sometimes, the victims are some of our favourite celebrities. Take a look at some of the stars who have fallen victim to online scams.

Somizi Mhlongo

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Somizi Mhongo has fallen victim to online scammers masquerading as him, the media personality has been in the entertainment industry for several decades and over time, he has solidified himself as one of South Africa’s most loved media personalities. 

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According to a tweet he wrote, there are people who are impersonating him on both Facebook and Instagram and he is warning his fans against those scammers.

Dineo Moeketsi

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In 2018, Dineo Moeketsi warned her fans against scammers who lured her fans into paying for auditions using her name. Taking to social media, she wrote:

“Ok, so it seems someone is using my name and scamming folks out of their money claiming to be a casting agent. I am not a casting agent or director for any show! Please Don’t pay anyone to audition, no one pays to audition, that’s not how this works.”

Bonang Matheba

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A couple of months ago, the star was made aware of an online competition that claimed that the media personality was giving away a R50,000 cash prize. A claim the beauty quickly denounced.


Jessica Nkosi

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Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Namisa, Jessica Nkosi took to her Instagram stories to call out people who were creating fake accounts using her daughter’s name.


Nicole Nyaba

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The urban model recently took to her Instagram to distance herself from fake accounts which have been posting reckless things.

“@nicole_nyaba is my real account!!! all that other kak is to confuse you all. i’m not the one to make stupid, dumb and uneducated statements,” she wrote.


Hello everyone. Just to make u aware. There’s a few fake accounts on Facebook and instagram using my name. I have only 1 account on FB (somizi buyani) Instagram (somizi) I’ve tried everything to stop them with no success. Pls unfollow them. Or block them

— somizi somGAGA (@somizi)

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