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Celebrity Big Brother star, Jemma Lucy, shows off her new implants on a beach in Cyprus

Celebrity Big Brother’s star, Jemma Lucy, recently showed off her new and improved curves on a beach in Cyprus!

The reality TV star talked about being a fan of surgical procedures that can get her closer to a ‘Kardashianesque body’.

Jemma Lucy
Jemma Lucy showed off her new surgically enhanced physique in Cyprus. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)

Lucy got a fair share of attention as she strolled on the beach in her bikini. The 26-year-old left only a little to the imagination after she removed the top of her two piece bikini. She has gone on record to talk about her butt lifts in the past, and it seems like she is ready to flaunt the results.

Jemma has been very vocal about being a fan of the Kardashian body type, saying Khloe in particular is her favorite. She spoke to The Sun about her affinity for Kardashian butts, saying, “My bumspiration is Khloe Kardashian – I love her bum, and it goes with her size.”

Jemma Lucy
The 26-year-old flaunted her enviable curves on the beach. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)
Jemma Lucy
She says the Kardashians are her biggest inspiration for butts. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)

She also talked about Khloe’s sister, Kim Kardashian’s derriere, saying, “But Kim’s legs are too small for her a**. I’ve literally studied everyone’s a***s. I have become a bit obsessed with it.”

Her obsession with butts made her get surgeries in the past but it seems like she is still not satisfied, “I want more surgery. This bum thing – I’m obsessed. I want it double what it is now.”

Jemma Lucy
She says she wants her butt to be double its current size. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)

She has also confessed that her need to have a ‘perfect body’ stemmed from being under the spotlight all the time. She said, “I’m in the public eye and I get scrutinized every day for the way I look and I want to be comfortable with the way I look.”

She’s also spoken about the downsides to the procedures that make you look sculpted – pain being the number one drawback.

Jemma Lucy
The intense pain is the only drawback to her. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)
Jemma Lucy
The post-op recovery time was really difficult for her. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)

While talking about the pitfalls of these surgeries, she said, “When you wake up you are in a pool of blood. It looked like I had been stabbed – and I had been stabbed because the lipo. It’s quite invasive as they prod around your body. With the holes in your body, they put a liquid in you to get the fat out. The blood and liquid combined was coming out of me. Those three days after surgery are the worst three days I have ever had.”

Jemma had her second procedure done only four months after her first one, which obviously put her body under immense strain.

She said, “It was a bit early [to have another op] but the surgeon did say to wait between three-to-six months. So it was only after he assessed me, and thought my body had recovered enough that he booked another one. For the operation I was under anesthetics. It was a three hour operation. You go to sleep lying down and you get strapped up so you can’t fall off the table.”

Jemma Lucy
She had her second butt lift only months after having her first. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)
Jemma Lucy
She said that because the implant is all fat from other parts of the body, the procedure is totally natural. (Image source: Instagram/Jemma Lucy)

She maintained however, that her procedures are natural and not as chemical as people would think, “They take all the fat out of your stomach, they flip you over and take the fat out of your back and put it in your bum. So it’s not implants, it’s very natural.”

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