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Briteside Law Politics And Politics Law Briteside And wBZYH1q

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Dupont Circle

“The one thing that was odd, though not surprising (it is Dupont after all), was the shrine to Obama on the…” read more

2031 Florida Ave NW

“Recently my boyfriend and our mutual friend went out for some drinks. Our friend suggested McClellan’s. Upon…” read more

Dupont Circle

“Three stars for great throwback music – think “No Scrubs”, Backstreet Boys, etc. Plus one star for the bouncer at the front door turning away the crowd of 10+ teenagers with fake…” read more

1319 Connecticut Ave NW
Dupont Circle

“ us 2 pitchers of mimosas and left them on the table. You get so drunk that you forget the food isn’t that great. There have been all too many intern-laden Thursday nights. This place is mostly underage GW kids with a…” read more

“I really like the Black Cat as a venue – I have been going there since I had to use a fake ID in the punk years but as of late, things have changed. The…” read more

“ issued fake IDs if you purchased one of these Avery 21st Anniversary Ales. The bar is a standard long bar area with an overflow back bar (I guess used for…” read more

“, the bouncers at the door are super aggressive and rude. They will accuse you if having a fake ID, when in reality they are too incompetent to properly scan…” read more

Dupont Circle

“ Dupont and can’t find sidewalk seating at any of the bars in the adjacent areas I’d go here.. but ultimately this place is giantic, but has no charm. Everything about it feels very fake…” read more

“ especially late at night. A really young crowd – like potentially fake ID young – makes things a little rowdy. Later in the evening the music is super loud…” read more

Dupont Circle

“My husband and I had our first date here and I have also enjoyed many friend dancing nights. Another friend made it part of his proposal bar crawl! Obviously,…” read more

Dupont Circle

“Dukes continues its reign atop the sandwich (“sarnies” at Dukes) empire, continually impressing me with sandwiches and brunch food. I tried the Short Rib and…” read more

Adams Morgan

“This place will definitely give you heaven and hell all in one night lol. After several times of walking pass…” read more

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Got a fake ID when he was 16, so he could vote.

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