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The Standard in Cryptocurrency News Research You need to know the latest news or you will not succeed. Smart investors get their cryptocurrency and bitcoin news today! Our dedicated newsdesk ensures you get your news the minute it breaks. Minute-by-minute coverage of all cryptocurrency news, companies and ICOs.

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We operate the fastest, most comprehensive newsfeed in existence for cryptocurrency market participants. Profit from actionable information. Follow developments in real time. Research new opportunities. It’s all here, before anywhere else.

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Follow any digital currency. We cover them all. Our newsdesk covers hundreds of cryptocurrencies, not just the top ten. In addition to breaking news, we follow-up as stories develop. Easily capitalize on market-impacting opportunities minutes or hours before other news outlets.

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News is profitable. Take advantage of market-moving opportunities seconds, minutes or even hours before other news outlets. Profit with the unparalleled speed of our dedicated newsdesk.

Why You Need CryptoCurrency News Feed

We bring you timely, accurate news for cryptocurrency market participants as they happen.

With us you can protect your current investments, find new trade opportunities, research historical developments and invest with knowledge before mainstream population has access to it. Let us help you become a more profitable investor.

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full-time journalists, not bots

Our newsdesk is staffed by full-time journalists with cryptocurrency knowledge, not bots.

We scan hundreds of breaking news sources — from social media to Github — selecting only timely and market-impacting news to publish within seconds to our newsfeed.

We do not aggregate feeds or waste your time with worthless content.
You will only get breaking news that will help with your investments. NO Filler.

Case Studies

Ripple collapses 28% on August 23-24, 2017

Between Monday Aug. 21 to Wednesday Aug. 23, Ripple investors bid up the price of Ripple to the tune of 89% amid speculation of a major move into Asian economies. This currency bills itself as a banking-friendly cryptocurrency and already works with major banks, so the rumor seemed valid to traders and investors alike…

Ripple runs 15% on October 13, 2017

At the start of lay on October 13, 2017, Ripple reached lows against the US dollar of $0.229. The decline was a long time coming, as markets awaited the outcome of a then-ongoing lawsuit brought against Ripple by R3. R3 was trying to force Ripple to honor a contract that the two entities had announced back in 2016 that allowed for the purchase of up to 5 billion XRP by R3 for $0.0085 per unit. Given that XRP had risen by close to 3000% in value since the contract was put in place, the option (if enforced) would have given R3 the chance to buy more than $1.2 billion worth of XRP for $40 million or so…

Ethereum runs 22% on the morning of October 13, 2017

On the night of October 12, the Ethereum hard fork was just a few days away and markets were concerned that the fork would have serious consequences for the cryptocurrency. Hard forks are a way to implement changes to a blockchain (in this instance, the fork was designed to make ETH lighter and faster) but they can also cause problems. Ethereum has forked four times, and three of these went well. One didn’t, however, and concern that the then-upcoming fork would turn out to be another bad one was running high…

Ethereum falls 24% on spam attach on October 4

Throughout late September, early October, the upcoming Byzantium hard fork was very much a hot topic in the Ethereum space. The potential for error was pretty large and markets had seen the cryptocurrency fail on a hard fork already – a failure that led to some people losing funds…

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Month-to-Month. No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

  • 1000+ Coins Covered
  • Real-time Streaming
  • Unbiased Information
  • Comprehensive Newsfeed
  • Full-Time Journalists, Not Bots
  • Hundreds Of News Sources Monitored
  • Just $99/month