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5 Celebrity-Approved Signature Red Lipsticks

We cannot emphasize this enough, but every girl needs that perfect red lipstick. And don’t get us wrong, it’s hard to find a red lipstick that would suit every single skin tone. The trick is to match your red with your undertone, if you have cooler-toned skin, you’re gonna want to invest in a blue-toned red. Or if you share the warm skin tones of most Filipinas, you’re gonna want to lean to a slightly more orange undertone.

Having that signature red lipstick, even if you prefer nude colors, helps elevate any outfit or turns any day look into an evening look. You’ll find that it will become the best arsenal in your cosmetic kit. So we scoured our favorite celebrities’ Instagram for a tip on their go-to red lipsticks and we’re surprised to find a couple of mid-range options and even drugstore ones. So find some celebrity recommended red lipsticks that might be your signature red lip too.

Kelsey Merritt


Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated Rookie, Kelsey Merritt, shared her lipstick on an IG story. It’s an eye-catching warm color that would make you stand out in any red carpet event.
Luxe Matte Lip Color in Red CarpetPhp1850, Bobbi Brown

Heart Evangelista



I Am Worth It LorealIf you can get away with this blue-toned red, we’d recommend going for this very comfortable formula that leaves such a flattering tint on your lips. And as an added bonus, this red helps make your teeth look whiter.
Rouge Signature in I Am Worth ItPhp390, L’Oreal

Gabbi Garcia


Gabbi Garcia’s fave lippie stays all day, so we’d recommend it for a night out with friends or if you’re just the type of person who doesn’t like reapplying lip color every few hours.
Superstay Matte Ink City Edition in SeekerPhp299, Maybelline

Jess Wilson



 sunnies face majorThis red is starting to gain a cult following with its comfortable but matte formula that makes it powdery soft. It’s the it girls’ favorite red and we can spot it a mile away.
Fluffmatte in MajorPhp345, Sunnies Face

Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray prom makeup


In her Vogue makeup tutorial, Catriona Gray shares with us the iconic red lipstick she wore with her lava dress, which she won in. This red lipstick is one that will go down in history.
Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in UncensoredPhp1200, Fenty

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